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Delray Beach Real Estate

Delray Beach Real Estate Communties

When searching for Delray Beach real estate, it is important to know the history as well as the modern city. Because of the area’s uncommon conditions, I, Karin Grubba can help you determine if the house is something that should or should not be considered based on your wants and needs as my client. I know the value of the houses, and can even generally help with knowing what updates, problems, lack of problems that the house may have had at any given time.
Delray Beach Homes for Sale
Delray Beach, Florida is a coastal city in Palm Beach County, and it is part of the Miami metropolitan area. In 2013 Boynton Beach had a population of 64,631. The town in set on approximately 16 miles with about half a mile of that area being water, and four miles of the city is located on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean.

The weather and climate is extraordinary. With average lows in the coldest months only going down to the 50s and the average highs only being in the low to mid 90s, Delray Beach is known for the great ocean side weather. Florida itself is known for sunny beaches, and Delray Beach is one of the major tourist cities that have helped Florida develop its reputation.

Delray Beach had many Native American settlers pass through, but the first recorded settling is in 1876. The Orange Grove House of Refuge was constructed, and that is what put the city on the map. The most interesting fact about the house is that its name is derived from the area it was constructed on. The area had a grove of sour orange trees planted, but there was absolutely no record of who planted them.

If you are looking for Delray Beach homes for sale, look no further. By calling me, Karin Grubba at 561-252-2153, you will be putting your faith into the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. I will help you get into the house of your dreams, and I will try to ensure that you are not left waiting. I know that my success depends solely on my clients so I am most focused on customer satisfaction.

Delray Beach is known for many things, but the most influential real estate rumor is that the residents of the town live in lavish homes, with the most up to date kitchens and floors. The rumor did stem from complete truth, and I, Karin Grubba would be happy to take you from home to home and let you see the luxurious amenities that the homes have to offer. I am an experienced and professional Delray Beach real estate agent who wants to help you achieve your dreams.

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Delray Beach Homes for Sale Market View
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